Welcome to Excuse Denied – AGAIN!

Oh hello, Excuse Denied-ers! Okay... I'm probably not going to stick with that but it was fun while it lasted. I'm back on this platform after spending a couple of months on tumblr. I resorted to tumblr after being discontent with my blogger site for awhile. I wanted to develop my content building skills without having to deal with the pressure of making a perfect-pretty-looking layout. Well, now that I have conquered tumblr and increased my content I am back on this site. Hoo-ray! I love how customizable this is compared to my tumblr site and I'm excited to finally have a pretty website again that I can completely customize to my liking.

Man, oh man I'm excited about the possibilities of having my blog site back. I have a few things in mind that I plan on adding, one of which is a newsletter that I'll be writing on a special venture in my life. That's coming soon and I'm not going to spoil it for you right now, but I hope you'll join in on the par-tay! Yikes, what's up with these sayings? I promise I'm not this corny in real life. I'm also hoping to add a few products and possibly e-courses to Excuse Denied. You may be thinking... "what do you even have to offer, Rania?" well, I think I'm pretty well versed in a couple of topics and I'd love to bring them to you in free e-courses and workbooks – for now!

You're probably asking another question like "Rania, where did all of your posts go?" and in typical Excuse Denied fashion, I have started from a clean slate. Of course. Something about starting from scratch is really satisfying to me. I don't like bringing baggage to new ventures, although this isn't really a new venture but a new phase. The tumblr site will be deleted in due time, but you can definitely still check it out if you'd like.